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    “Fart!”! If I take it Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe out on you, I’ll kill you! Don’t talk nonsense, delay my work and fix you! Li Yang went straight to the crowd without looking back. It’s all scattered. Go where it’s cool. Li Yang refreshed his luck and suddenly roared at the crowd. They looked back and saw that no one was hanging him. Occasionally, two people knew who he was, but their faces changed slightly, but they did not really move. Isn’t it just a person who can open a martial arts school? What’s so awesome? Holy shit! Lao Tzu, I am the referee invited by Gao Shu Maria and Nan Xiangmei! Do you know? On the count of three, if you don’t peep in the dark and dare to look brazenly here, I’ll throw anyone into the river! Li Yang pointed to the river under the Wenxin Bridge and shouted. Shit, come if you have the guts. Who acknowledged you? You are the onion. “Why are you a referee? Is that as big as me?” The crowd finally made a move and shouted at Li Yang at the top of their voices. One- “Li Yang began to count.” Two- “Still no one hangs him, continue to watch.” Three- “Li Yang roared.”. Everybody frowns in succession, cry: “Depend on, you who?”? Is a loud voice awesome? “Yeah, I really thought I had a big cow!” “Go home and take the baby, nurse it, don’t waste time here.” “Shit!”! My uncle can endure it,brushed stainless steel sheet, but my aunt can’t either! Li Yang was furious. He strode over and grabbed himself. He lifted it up with one hand and threw it into the river. The river splashed in all directions. The fellow shouted loudly and his eyes were full of panic. It turned out that Ya Ting was a landlubber who could not swim. He kept drinking water. You idiot! If you don’t get up, the water is only more than one meter deep! A man shouted from the shore. Chapter 456: Coquetry “You idiot!”! If you don’t get up, the water is only more than one meter deep! A man shouted from the shore. Only then did the idiot stand up with a frightened look on his face and find that the river was only up to his waist. Only then did he wipe off the river on his face and gasp with a lingering fear. Crash.. Under the dumpling general, Li Yang one hand, both hands even wave, these bird people who do not know martial arts, how to escape his grasp? In the shape of a big bird,304 Stainless Steel Coil, they fell into the river in a mess. In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen guys were thrown into the river and flopped inside. There was even a girl whose clothes were soaked through. Under the thin summer clothes, her bra and Wangzai steamed buns were looming. It was so attractive! At this time, they knew that they were afraid, and a few thorns wanted to fight with Li Yang, but Li Yang slapped them in the face, and immediately they were confused, and then they flew into the river like clouds and fog. This time, no one dares to hold back the urine, one by one to see who runs fast. There were a lot of slippery people who thought they could fix Li Yang by playing hide-and-seek with Li Yang, but they only saw a flower in front of them. Li Yang stood in front of them, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, and then he saw himself flying up and splashing into the river. While watching Gao Qingmei is really eye-opening, almost silly. Li Yang this is simply a tiger into a flock of sheep, killing all sides, there is no one who will fight back. More than a dozen were thrown into the river by him, and finally had the effect of killing the chicken to warn the monkey. One by one, they turned pale and dared not talk nonsense with Li Yang. Where did Li Yang look? The guy there immediately turned pale and retreated. Who the *** moves forward again? This is an example! Don’t think that Lao Tzu is too young to be bullied, so I dare not use force against you! No matter how fine the skin and tender the meat are, I am also a man with a handle! Have a temper, too! Break out all the same to repair you like a local chicken and a tile dog! Li Yang pointed at the animals and cabbages on the bank of the river in the water and cursed, “No one dares to grin again!”! Even if the heart is extremely uncomfortable, also only dare to scold in the stomach. Get out of here! Hide where it’s dark and no one’s looking! After scolding, Li Yang waved his big hand and gave the order. Although this group of guys are also full of blood, full of *** and other dirty words, but also only dare to hold their stomachs, dare not let one out. Almost after Li Yang gave the order, all the birds and beasts scattered to see who ran quickly. After all, the river is still fluttering can be an example, this fellow looked at the tender skin, but a murderous demon king. It’s so ***ing black. Just grab people and throw them away. Are you throwing chickens? These are all living people? But they were confused again, where did this fellow get so much strength? At this time, the crowd had been to Zhenwei Martial Arts School to see the performance, recognized Li Yang is the owner of the museum, heart shock at the same time, unexpectedly gave birth to a sense of submission, but had the idea of going to the martial arts school to learn martial arts. Look at them. This is the best way to practice martial arts. You just catch people and throw them away. Do you have so much strength? It is estimated that you and your wife will suffer from backache and leg cramps after three rounds of hard work, and you will not be able to get up the next day. Looking at the physique and strength of others, it is estimated that the night royal nine girls are such a tough record made by the tiger people. The person who had been to Zhenwei Martial Arts School had a subtle change in his state of mind at this time. He showed off in the crowd and showed off his extensive knowledge. Especially when a few dewy cabbages were attracted to Li Yang, a handsome and vigorous brother, and threw a few winks at him, that fellow became more and more open-mouthed and full of running trains. Will that day in the door of the martial arts hall to see the embellishment of a brain shake out, but let everyone open their eyes, increased knowledge. The monstrous hatred for Li Yang immediately turned into a feeling of admiration for the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, and one after another gave birth to the posture of going to sign up. Then I heard that the registration fee was only for a roast chicken. Damn it, if you don’t sign up, you are really a fool who doesn’t know money. This strange effect but Li Yang did not expect, did not think of his anger under the rage to repair people, but repair the effect to come, for their own shock martial arts school actually made a lot of fame. At this time,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, someone began to be convinced of Li Yang, with a tone of sudden enlightenment on his mouth. So wow, no wonder the famous chivalrous woman Gao Shu Maria and Nan Xiangmei chose this brother to be the referee. sxthsteel.com