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    Millet pondered that if the city was really chaotic, it would naturally be stable in the countryside. And even if you want to go to the city to develop stability, I think it is also waiting to confirm that the chaos will not happen, or waiting for the same chaos to happen after the past. At most a few years, later stable, she will be able to take her brother to the city, now this time she can afford to wait. In the old countryside, although the conditions are not as good as those in the city, at least there is no need to be on tenterhooks, no need to say a word, do everything carefully and carefully, for fear that if you don’t pay attention to something, there will be a problem, and then you will suffer a disaster. Coupled with the fact that she had a secret, this was the most fundamental reason why, in the past few years, she clearly had the ability, but did not stay in the nest of fellow villagers. In order to go to the county, she and her grandmother, as well as her godfather and godmother do not know how many times to grind, really. The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who threw the [mine]: 1 dumpling; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Butterfly dance sound 8 bottles; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 130 Oh, what a painful realization. It was October 1966.. “Aunt Huan.” “Oh, Dahua, are you going back to your mother’s home?” “Oh, yes, aunt, what are you looking at?” Not long after the famine,uns c68700, seeing the year better, the younger sister Tuo in Tuanzi married a lot, like a big flower, in the year after the famine officially ended, that is, the second year after Uncle Jiu went to the army, they also married. But fortunately, because my parents love me, my husband’s home is not far away, and I can only walk five or six miles,uns c70600, which is very convenient. Just after the autumn harvest this year, Dahua went back to her mother’s home with her two-year-old son in her arms. As soon as she crossed the stone bridge at Tuanzikou, she saw many women chatting in Shaitangping, not far from the bridge. Seeing Aunt Huan, who had a good relationship with her at home, Dahua greeted her warmly in a hurry. When Aunt Huan saw Dahua returning home with her child, she stopped working on the soles of her shoes and stood up to meet her. As she approached, she answered. Hey, what else can I see? Didn’t the captain bring back a group of black five from the county just now? Say what is sent down, we do not understand, just follow the big guy to watch the fun, but really don’t say, a line of people wear thin, one by one spirit is not good, a look is a big crime, alas, soon cold down, this group of people have a hard time.. Auntie Huan said with a sigh on her face, and the big flower did not know why. Things like being sent down to lower levels are very far away from ordinary people like them. They only know how to work in the fields every day. How can they understand the current situation? Aunt Huan, uns s32760 plate ,uns s31803 sheet, who sighed with emotion, was also swaggering to the cattle pen halfway up the mountain by Captain Li Quanfa and others at the moment. Come on, let’s go. What are you trying to do? What about the time? I can warn you a few black five, to my Li Quanfa management boundary, I don’t care what you used to do, how beautiful, since you have been sent to me here, you must honestly listen to me! If I find out that you are not honest, don’t blame me, Li Quanfa, for not showing mercy to you! Li Quanfa, who had repeatedly knocked on his behalf, was so powerful that when he saw the three grandsons and grandsons who were the last to be supported by the crowd, he was so angry that he reached out and pushed them impolitely. Fang Jingcheng, who was holding his father, stumbled. The father, who was carefully supported by him, coughed again and again because he was worried and excited, and saw that Fang Shouzhi, who was also supporting his son on the other side of his father, was anxious. Jianjun! “Cough, cough, cough..” Dad, cough, cough.. Looking at the old father’s worried eyes, Fang Jianjun tried to suppress the itching in his throat, coughing one after another, weak, trying to comfort the old father who turned white sharply in a short time, “Dad, I didn’t, cough..” Don’t worry Dad, don’t talk. ” Feeling the hands, because of patience, trying to stop coughing and tightening the palm, looking at his father’s increasingly weak body, looking at the side of the aging grandfather, Fang Jingcheng’s hatred overflowed his eyes. Yeah, it’s hate! How can he not hate? He also clearly remembered that one day in June this year, as a little red soldier, he had also responded to the call to follow his classmates and go to all parts of the country to participate in the series. As a result, the plan could not keep up with the rapid changes. Without waiting for their own departure, their family was reported by the bad guys in a secret letter, using the life experience of the deceased grandmother as an excuse, which should be charged with a capitalist descendant and fornication overseas. That inexplicable letter is not his grandmother’s notes at all. Unfortunately, people have the intention to destroy you, which can not be explained by your defense. As the grandfather and father were taken into custody, as the so-called investigation was launched, the red wave had swept into the capital before he could contact his uncle in northern Xinjiang. The home he shared with his parents in Houhai was smashed up one after another by the Little Red Soldiers who came in waves from all over the country. The books that his grandmother had passed on to him, the old man’s beloved books, were burned. Boxes of dowry, antiques, calligraphy and paintings were looted and smashed. Even the bathroom and kitchen of his house were almost dug up three feet. Even the grandfather’s home in the military region’s family courtyard was smashed by the small soldiers composed of the children of the courtyard. He was angry, he resisted, he struggled.. Unfortunately, no matter how capable and strong he was, no matter how often he was taken to the army by his grandfather to drill on weekdays, his arms could not twist his thighs. In the end, he could only watch helplessly and helplessly, and his heart was as dead as ashes, looking at the devastation of his warm home in the past. At that time,x60 line pipe, he wondered if he had shit in his head? Why did you follow the demon and join the Little Red Soldier? He even hesitated to doubt life and what was right? And what is wrong? Without waiting for him to finish his hesitation, his life once again faced the betrayal of his relatives. Yes, it is a betrayal. lksteelpipe.com