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    Medicine man of the other world
    Lingtis had already quietly left once her husband’s wretched unemployed Jessica’s lady-killer roommate Lucy’s kindest and favorite brother the mysterious man who saved himself and Jessica from the shadow assassin these four seemingly impossible identities hovered in Lingtis’s mind she only felt that she was about to explode No the whole world is out of order the rules seem to be out of order and things that can’t be explained are full of hearts Lingdi told herself that she must calm down but how could she calm down There was another hermit who left the meeting almost at the same time as Lingtis a guy with a spooky breath which made people shudder In the evening they held a small celebration banquet at the villa of Murong Tian Luhua Street to congratulate Murong Tian on his successful defeat of his rival Originally Murong Tian planned to go to the high-end warrior restaurant in the city but Biye Catherine and Jessica were all addicted to the unique flavor of the earth dishes Philip who had just tried it once was also out of control With beautiful women he had to follow them shamelessly Originally Murong Tian also invited Kozmo but he was too self-abased and introverted heard that Energy there are so many big people in society are present said what also do not want to come The happiest person at the celebration banquet was Bi Ye who was less than 20% sure that Murong Tian could defeat Meng Nalin to avenge her sister But after seeing his performance today it has risen to 40% and it is a conservative estimate because Murong Tian has too many things she can’t see through no one dares to say that his power has come to an end Biye now feels that this guy has some unfathomable taste Catherine saw that Biye had not been so happy for a long time and of course she knew what had happened and was gratified for her Philip on the other hand tore the wild Uighur on the dining table as the wind swept the fallen leaves It was made by Murong Tian using the method of “beggar’s chicken” He wrapped the whole wet mud around the peeled and washed wild Uighur and burned it in the fire During the baking process the flavor would not leak out and it was tender and delicious Murong Tian has been stealing his neighbor’s chicken tooth sacrifice from time to time since he was a child He is so skilled and his level is absolutely first-class that Philip almost swallowed his tongue Murong Tian was “hooking up” with Jessica who did not know what to talk about in a low voice laughing lewdly as he spoke Just when everyone was in high spirits the doorbell rang Murong Tian felt very depressed how can visitors always like to pick their own dinner time A dwarf stood outside the door When he saw Murong Tian he immediately shouted at the top of his voice “Brother Roddy do you remember me” Murong Tian recognized at a glance that Tomia the blacksmith who made the professional badge for him in the Medicine Guild was a very forthright guy Murong Tian was overjoyed and said “Tomia long time no see Please come in” Tomia staggered through the door with a funny gesture “On the second day of your test I was sent by the guild to the city of Detroit for friendship support Their guild lacked a capable blacksmith and asked me to teach it I didn’t return to Floris until today” I said I would invite you to drink but I didn’t expect it to take so long I’m sorry! Murong Tian suddenly said “So that’s it It doesn’t matter Work is important” Tomia sighed with emotion “I can’t believe that after a few months of absence you are already a famous person in Floris and even in the whole empire You are really a young hero!” Murong Tian scratched his head and said China Manufacturers “Where is it It’s just so so” Tomia’s nose moved and then he was so excited that he salivated and said “What a unique smell of barbecue!” Of course the source of the fragrance is Murong Tian’s “Jiaohua Uighur” roasted in a special way Murong Tian said enthusiastically “Come come Tomia let’s eat together and chat while eating” Tomia took out jars of wine from the storage beads and said “Haha when I came back I passed by Nadar the home of the dwarves where the clansmen gathered By the way I had some Tajira wine” ” A rich aroma emanated from the wine jar Philip first could not help but shoot a bottle “Dwarf secret Taqila I like it best!”! Brother I’m not at home! The Dwarves were proud of their home-brewed spirits in addition to their blacksmithing skills and they would be happy to be appreciated so Tomia soon had a hot fight with Philip who was also a drunkard A person in the most happy situation the most common way to vent is to Environment drink years of hatred is expected to be repaid Biye really can not hide their joy drinking one cup after another As a female member of the “Fury Mercenary Regiment” she is actually the biggest drinker and even the dwarf drunkard Tomia is amazed by it However the unusual liquor of Taqila has a fierce staying power and the blue night is somewhat exhausted Under everyone’s gaze she staggered to her feet hooked her index finger to Murong Tian and winked at him like silk “Luo Mr Roddy come with me I have something to talk to you” The sixth volume of the tournament the 121st love fan Murong Tian was stunned “Miss Biye what on earth is the matter” I don’t know if it’s alcohol but the cool blue night reveals her feminine side at this time “Mr Roddy you come here and talk about it Let’s talk about it slowly” She is now like this like a prostitute standing at the door soliciting “Officer you should come ~ ~” Catherine saw that Biye’s tongue could not speak coherently She was worried She stood up and supported her “Biye you’re drunk I’ll take you back You have something to do tomorrow” The “send” in this sentence in fact is almost the same as “accompany” because the two of them originally lived together It’s just that in front of so many people Catherine is still a little shy and embarrassed to say it even though everyone knows what’s going on between them Biye waved her hand and said “No Catherine!”! I can’t walk so fast I I have something important to do with Mr Roddy Shaking off Catherine’s hand she could not help pulling Murong Tian up and walking upstairs Philip was also a little drunk and when he saw the two of them pulling and pulling he smiled and wondered if he had thought of anything but he was too lazy to mind his own business and continued to drink with Tomia It was rare to meet a good drinking friend and he must have fought to the death trade-global.com