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    gold cil machine Ye Tian naturally heard Long Yin and was slightly surprised, but in his heart he said sarcastically, “What dragon? It’s just a huge lizard.” Ye Tian sped up again, and soon he was out of the mountain forest. After the dragon left, Ling Ling suddenly ran to the mountain forest, and from Ye Tian’s questioning of Leng Yuelan, she felt that something might happen. Ye Tian left, the dragon appeared, Ling Ling was shocked, back to God, the dragon has left. Ye Tian suddenly stopped because two black men appeared in front of him. Ye Tian smiled and suddenly ran forward, the red light of his two fists getting stronger and stronger. The two men in black also laughed, their master’s strength to stop Ye Tian is simply too easy, but even so, they dare not have the slightest carelessness, if Ye Tian really escaped, this is not only a matter of face. Although they are confident to win Ye Tian, they dare not offend Ye Tian too much. The identity of the people who can enter the back hill is not simple. You can’t get out. You’d better not do it. If you do it, you will be hurt. One of the men in black said loudly to Ye Tian. Huh? Are you kidding me. Go back to being insulted by that crazy woman? I don’t have this hobby. Do you think you two can stop me? Ye Tianao’s self-confident nature is revealed, even if the strength of the two people in front of him is strong, he is the same. You are so young and frivolous. What can you do if you pass us? The strength of the two of us in the morning spirit college is simply dispensable, why do you disturb those strong people? “Ha ha..” Really laugh to death, alarmed so what, the strong is a group of strong bully the weak garbage,gold cil machine, I am not afraid of them. Ye Tian laughed to vent his discontent. The two men in black looked at each other and said deeply, “I hope they didn’t hear what you said. We’re going to do it.” The momentum of the two men in black unfolded in an instant. The strength of the masters of the two men in black, when the momentum was fully unfolded, caused some pressure on Ye Tian. Ye Tian is still fearless, he believes in himself, or Ye Tian believes in thousands of waves, or he believes in the terror of the watcher. The two men in black did not use weapons for fear of hurting Ye Tian. The speed of two people is very fast, just a moment came to the front of Ye Tian, one person stretched out a hand to grasp the arm of Ye Tian. Ye Tian is not so easy to be caught, his speed is not slower than the two men in black. The red light on Ye Tian’s fist suddenly disappeared, and after jumping a few steps away from the man in black, the fist, which seemed to have no fighting spirit, tin beneficiation plant ,Portable gold trommel, suddenly attacked forward without a target. The wind blew down the leaves, and the two men in black looked at Ye Tian doubtfully. The scene was quite quiet. Suddenly, the pupils of the two men in black contracted and retreated hurriedly. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.. Waves of violent explosions in the forest, the red light appeared in the explosion, the trees within the scope of the explosion had not yet broken into layers of crystals, cold filled the whole mountain forest. I don’t know how much stronger the power of the attack was after the ice fighting gas, which was not strong at ordinary times, was compressed together with the breaking waves. The two men in black quickly retreated, and the explosion continued forward, just like the turbulent waves one after another. The object touched by the red light forms crystals in an instant. Can the two men in black be faster than the light? The red light finally swept over them. The two men in black knew the horror of the red light and covered their bodies with fighting spirit. But red seemed to have frozen his fighting spirit and almost ignored any defense. After the two men in black were also frozen by the crystal-like ice, the explosion continued for a long distance before it stopped. Now the mountain forest is like a ruby mountain, thousands of meters of range is crystal red crystal, especially the two men in black, just like two crystal hills. Ye Tian breathed a deep sigh of relief, and it seemed simpler than he had imagined to fuse the spirit of breaking the waves and the spirit of fighting the ice, and the power had obviously increased several times. In the past, it did not have such a range, nor did it have the ability to destroy and freeze, just to break the waves with thousands of waves. Ye Tian was able to successfully use a thousand waves this time, because the two men in black simply did not know that Ye Tian would be such a powerful trick. If they knew, they wouldn’t let Ye Tian use it at all. Just as Ye Tiangang was about to leave, a blue and white beam of light suddenly came from behind. Ye Tian felt the danger and instantly entered a state of concentration. The blue and white light column suddenly slowed down in Ye Tian’s mind, and Ye Tian hid aside at a very fast speed. The beam of light swept past Ye Tian and touched the red crystal, which immediately turned into powder. Touching trees that are not surrounded by red crystals forms a thick layer of ice. Ye Tian is not generally familiar with this light, but also extremely frozen light. Blue and white pillars of light came from behind one after another, and Ye Tian could barely avoid the pillars of light with his concentration, but even if he was not hit by the light, his body was covered with a thin layer of ice. Ye Tian did not go far, and the two men in black who were frozen in front of him broke out of the crystal. There was a roar in the back, a vibration on the ground, and the annoying dragon singing was particularly loud. Ye Tian knew that he had been attacked from front to back, and it seemed impossible to go out on his own. ——————————————— (Second watch!) Um. It’s time for the climax! Big brothers and sisters try to support Xiaoye! There’s another watch tomorrow! Xiao Ye seems to have asked for too much leave this week! The future update time is still the same! Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are three days. If time permits, there may also be updates on Monday and Friday! Chapter 49 forced kiss Ye Tian did not look back at Leng Yuelan and continued to walk forward. When the two men in black saw Leng Yuelan coming, they stepped aside. Their task of stopping Ye Tian has been completed, and this woman is not something they can afford to provoke. They thought that only this Ye Tiancai would do so. But now they look at Ye Tian’s eyes have been completely different, a star primary strength is so strong, how terrible will it be in the future? “Ah Di, ah ha, you two are too undisciplined. After today,gold CIP machine, the hygiene of the college will be handed over to you two. At the end of one year, no matter what the weather is, you can’t stop.” Leng Yuelan coldly ordered the two men in black. The two men in black answered that there was no sound music after that. ore-magnetic-mining.com