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    Xuan Congxin picked up the veil garden jacuzzi tub and pressed the corners of his mouth. “Or what?”? I want to go back to Qian’an. If you don’t drink, I can only drink. Xuan looked up at Xuan Rui from the heart, “you spent so long, don’t you want me to replace you?” “Bastard!” Xuan Rui was furious, “I am timid!”! But I can hurt you?! Xuanrui gasped for breath. He scolded Xuanrui from head to toe and ordered her Mammy to take her back to her room. Xuan Rui looked at the medicine with only half a bowl left, sighed, and ordered: “Go.” Cook another bowl for me, boil.. A little stronger. After a while, the servants delivered the medicine, and this time Xuan Rui did not hesitate to drink a whole bowl of medicine while it was hot. In the outer courtyard, Yan Pingshan patted the falling snow on his body and went into Zhong Wan’s room. Drink it? Zhong Wan asked through the screen. Yan Pingshan nodded and said, “Yes, it’s already hot now. I want Wang Ye to burn the hot spot again and then go to ask the Imperial Physician. It looks a little more serious.” “Yes.” Zhong Wan laughed. “Did you quarrel with the young lady?” Yan Pingshan gave Zhong Wan a reproachful look. “What did you ask the young lady to do?” “Provoke him.” Zhong Wan said indifferently, “If I don’t go back to Qian’an, Xuan Rui will manage the affairs of the palace by himself, and he will always be tough step by step.” “Are you really not going back?” Yan Pingshan hesitated to speak. “You’re not taking a concubine, are you?”? Came to see you yesterday.. Isn’t that Yu Xiao Wang Ye’s confidant housekeeper? Zhong Wan nodded. If we can return to Qian’an smoothly this time, we will have nothing to worry about, and finally we can live a good life. Yan Pingshan could not bear to say, “How much effort did you spend on this?”? It’s a good day,endless swimming pool, but why bother? Zhong Wan said, “You think my life is cheap and I can’t live a stable life.” “What are you talking about?” Asked Yan Pingshan. “I’m not talking nonsense.” Zhong Wan suddenly said, “you know.” What is the name of Shi Jinshi’s study? Yan Pingshan was stupefied, not understanding why Zhong Wan suddenly said this, “what is it called?” Zhong Wandao, “four for the hall.” “The first time I went to Taifu’s house, when I saw the plaque on the study,whirlpool hot tub, my heart was filled with emotion, and I felt that these three words were really good.” With a smile in his eyes, Zhong Wan said, “Four actions, to establish a heart for heaven and earth, to establish a life for the people, to continue learning for the past saints, and to open peace for all generations.” “When I was a teenager, I was ignorant and arrogant. I felt that the trifles around me were not worth mentioning. Only these four things were worth my effort. I felt that in the future, I must be a Marquis and worship the prime minister, so that I could not live up to this revenge. Later..” “Go to hell.” Zhong Wan said with an expressionless face, “It’s not easy to take care of a few people in my family and survive. I don’t have that ability at all. It’s Taifu Gao who looks at me.” Yan Pingshan said hurriedly, “Since you cherish your life so much, you should come with us..” “Uncle Yan.” Zhong Wan interrupted Yan Pingshan and smiled helplessly, hot tub wholesale ,jacuzzi swim spa, “but I can’t let go of more than a few people in the mansion.” As soon as Yan Pingshan choked, he whispered, “You’re right, Lord Yu..” “There is no need to mention the past.” Zhong Wan poured himself a cup of tea and sighed, “I don’t want to cry.” Yan Pingshan: “…” Yan Pingshan felt sad and amused. He thought for a moment and said, “It’s just..” If there is a chance in the future. Zhong Wan nodded: “Life and death are destiny. I asked for it.” When he first came to Beijing, Zhong Wan really had no intention of staying, but recalling what Feng said, Zhong Wan felt that he might be more useful here. Knowing that Yu She’s life is always hanging by a thread, where can Zhong Wan go? “Well, I’ll take care of you in the house. You can rest assured.” Yan Pingshan comforted Zhong Wan and said, “It’s not necessarily a bad thing for Wang Ye to be timid. It’s safe to win. It’s good to marry a princess who can manage the family affairs in the future, just a young lady..” Zhong Wan said, “Don’t force her to choose someone else. Listen to her own wishes. If it doesn’t work, you can recruit a son-in-law and raise him in your own house, so that she won’t be wronged in other people’s homes.” Yan Pingshan nodded with a wry smile: “Yes.” As he spoke, the man who served Xuan Rui came and said that Xuan Rui, somehow, had suddenly become hot and had begun to talk nonsense. Zhong Wan ordered people to ask the doctor, and let the servant panic, be sure to let everyone in the capital know that Xuan Rui is going to die. After the servant left, Yan Pingshan got up and pressed the door curtain to prevent the cold wind from blowing in. So what are you going to do? Yan Pingshan then asked, “Do you want to repair the relationship with Yu Xiao Wang Ye first?”? How to fix it? Is there anything I can do? “No, I have to do it myself.” Zhong Wan himself actually has a headache. “It’s embarrassing to be like this today, and his temper has changed a lot.” I want to be gentle first and show my kindness slowly. Yan Pingshan did not understand: “How to show goodwill slowly?” Zhong Wan didn’t have a clue either. Then he remembered something and asked, “Qian’an sent a lot of earth instruments a few days ago. Have they all been sent?” “No.” Yan Pingshan said, “Most of them have been sent to the palace, and some have been sent to the old clansmen’s house, but there are still some left.” “Take some tea or something.” “Send it to Yu Wang Fu in my name,” said Zhong Wan. Yan Pingshan nodded, and Zhong Wan exhorted, “Don’t send it to the wrong place. It’s the other courtyard of Yu Wang Fu.” Yan Pingshan promised, “I know. It’s cold today. Don’t go out of the house. I’ll take care of it.” Yan Pingshan said to stop, Zhong Wan worried, hoping that the things he sent would not be thrown out by Yu She. Yan Pingshan went straight out of Zhong Wanyuan to the storehouse. He looked around and called the steward. He frowned and asked, “Where are the remaining bags of Maojian?” The steward couldn’t make head or tail of it. “The rest?”? Didn’t you say you wouldn’t give it away any more and let it go to several masters’ houses? Master Zhong likes Mao Jian best, and he probably drank half of it. Only then did Yan Pingshan remember, “Yes, how many jars of wine are there?”? It’s from Qian’an. Where did it go? “The cook is going there.” The steward said truthfully, “The day before yesterday, I said I was going to make steamed chicken with rice wine. I took it all away. I used half of it, and the remaining half of it was made into a bad goose.” Yan Pingshan is helpless, “then what’s left?!” The steward shook his head. “No more.” Yan Pingshan was in a hurry. “Yes, yes,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, yes,” said the steward. There are still a dozen of our local chickens, which are alive and are now kept in the kitchen! 。 monalisa.com